Information for DR’s and GR’s

Outreach Discussion Topics for your District Meeting or AFG group

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALATEEN! 1957 – 2017. Consider the following events as an opportunity to do outreach to the general community.
    1. Book an Alateen to speak at your Al-Anon meeting
    2. Day in Alateen. Similar to Day in Al-Anon where it’s one day of Alateen focus programming
    3. Have a special collection for NoCac Scholarships
    4. Consider applying to be an AMIAS contact your District DAPP (District Alateen Process Person)
    5. Host an open Alateen Meeting invite members from the professional community to attend
  2. Have a discussion at your group’s upcoming business meeting to consider having a Group Outreach Position. For example, This person would be responsible in forming the local neighborhood that their meeting exists. This person can also be part of the district outreach committee and assist with the District Outreach Coordinator.
  3. Outreach Thought Force – A comprehensive document on how our Area approaches Al-Anon Outreach in Today’s Society. We used KBDM (Knowledge Based Decision Making) questions to get clarity on a subject that is often misunderstood among our fellowship.
    1. KBDM Results
    2. Outreach Survey Monkey Results