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EVENTS CALENDAR: Database Renewal

In the setting up of the new website some of the Events on the calendar may have been lost.  Please check the CALENDAR at the very bottom of the page; the highlighted dates have events.  Click on the days of interest.  If your event is missing  please let us know by email to: — thanks!

Here are the instructions for event submission:

  • If the event was on our calendar before, we still need to re-enter the event and all information about it, including fliers, programs, etc. — send to
  • If it is a new event and has no Alateen participation, send to
  • If it is a new event and does have Alateen participation, send to

July 4th, 2017 Giants Game Ad at ATT Park in San Francisco, CA

The Forum Magazine, Al-Anon

The Forum magazine now available electronically!

Get Al-Anon’s monthly magazine from, as an electronic subscription, annually for $11 or individually for $1.49.

Readable on Nook eReaders, or, with a free Nook app, on iPads, iPhones, iPod touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, Windows PCs, Mac, and via Web browsers.

Al-Anon does not endorse Nook or any outside enterprise. Currently available only from Nook. Al-Anon may offer The Forumthrough other e-book vendors later.

The Forum continues to be available in hard copy by subscription, directly from Al-Anon’s online store.